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need help on better cooling

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May 6, 2001
i just bought an Antec SX1040 case, and i have 4 fans inside of it (the 2 80mm sleeve bearing fans that came with it, plus another 2 80mm ball bearing fans that i added). I have 3 of them sucking air out of the case and one of them in front of the hard drive blowing air into the case. i used to have a cheap case with no case fans and a room fan blowing into it, which kept it pretty cool. right now im running a tbird 800 (not oc'ed) on an A7V with a gf2 gts 64. ive had the computer on for about an hour and im now runnning at 34c/93f mobo temp, 43c/109f cpu temp (gw fop 32 with arctic silver on my cpu). i have this case closed up unlike my other one. any ideas on what i could do with the setup i have now to keep the system a bit cooler?
Would you feel comfortable going to water? I thought it was rediculas when I first joined the forum but as soon as I get out of college for the semester its the first thing I am doing. I realize this is only your third post but I don't think that reflects overclocking experience at all. Your temps really are not that bad for a TBird. If water sounds crazy then I really wouldn't look to other cooling options unless you have stabability problems or want to go real high.

For me its - "I feel the need...the need for speed."
It's funny when you talk to someone who doesnt know all that much about PC's and tell them you have or are getting watercooling for you computer. They look at you like your crazy. I've been told that it's getting a little carried away a number of times. I used to think that as well, but not anymore.

When you can get a lot more consistant cooling and just as good if not better then your best HSF, with a hell of a lot less noise it's worth the effort. My used to sound like a jet, but now it's very quit cause of the watercooling.

Only downfall for me is my BX board. The chipset gets so hot without any airflow from a HSF being over the top of it. I had to stick an 80mm fan blowing in at the board or I would get BSOD's and lockups. It was just getting to hot. So hot I could barely even touch it!
Sounds like your "gozoutas" are exceeding your "gozintas" ;D . Essentially, you want to push the same (or slightly more) amount of air into the case as you are drawing out. Emphasis on slightly. It is a delicate balancing act. Too much of a difference between going in and going out and your cooling will actually suffer. I just spent the better part of this week doing some experimenting on exactly that. The slightly more going in has two reasons. Many users forget that the PSU also has a fan in it. So, it adds another fan to the "gozoutas" column. Secondly, with a slightly higher amount of air going in (positive pressure), you're less likely to suck dust in through every crack and crevice in the case. If all four of your fans are the same capacity (cfm) and in counting them, you did not include the PSU fan, then you would be better off with 2 blowing in and 2 sucking out. If they are not the same, then look up their individual rated cfms, do the math and try to arrange them for slightly more blowing in than out. I hold a candle flame to a convenient hole and watch to see if it is drawing into or deflecting away from the case. This should be a brief test ;-).

thanks for the help guys. i'm not planning on trying water cooling any time soon, but i might after i get more into overclocking. for now, ill stick with hoot's advice and try rearranging the fans to find out which combination works best.
Get a PAL6035 with a DELTA if u don't mind the noise and Artic Silver 2. Stay with air cooling until u know enough to go into watercooling or peltier.
I use a Inwin Q500n case and i have it modified with blowholes. I'm happy with my box.

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