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Need Help on Building a New PC for $1,000 or a little more.....

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New Member
May 2, 2002
Hi guys. I have up to $1,000 to spend on a new computer.

Intel (which? I was thinking of Intel P4 2.53GB. do I need to know something about this CPU? )

Video card, Geforce4 Ti4200, ( which Brand? )

RDRAM OR DDR? (which Brand and best for O/C?)

Which Motherboard? (best for O/C)

How fast can I overclock the 2.53 with it's stock cooling?

Which Heatsink is best to over O/C?

What kind of motherboard should I get? I don't need sound and video.

Any case u like me to buy? I like a good looking case.. price have no Problem.

which PSU?

Keep in mind that the main purpose of this computer is for gaming and a everything computer and that I only have $1,000 to spend. Thanks, look forward to hearing your advice!


Jun 1, 2002

I'll try to do this in the order that you asked........

msi has a nice retail package, plenty of software and cables for vivo. nica price also. get the 128mb 4200 since you will need it for upcomeing games like UT2k3,Unreal2,doom3

both memory types are great for OCing. I'm using RDRAM now.
some will say that RDRAM is hard to OC....this is a myth, and is far easyer. I'll get into this more later.

at this time I would recamend the p4b533 from asus if you are going DDR.

get corsair xms3200 cas2 for great mem bandwith and OCing ability.

if you want to try RDRAM, then the abit th7II is what you want.
it's cheap and OCs the best of normal RDRAM mobos.

forget pc1066 rdram...get samsung pc800. it should OC to pc1066 speeds and two sticks should cost less then the corsair.

I can't say how far you can go on stock cooling, yet I would wait untill after you set up this rig to truely see if you need the extra HSF. with this cpu I'm thinking 160fsb or so max OC....and if you don't need alot of extra voltage, and your room never gets hot, then you might not need a better HSF.

if it gets hot in your room durring the winter or summer, then a new HS and quiet fan will be needed. alpha pal, swifty 4000, or the ax-478 from thermalright are great choices.

for a case...look at newegg.com.......they have nice chieftec cases that have a window for next to nothing. it's a great case that you could use for air or water cooling. plenty of extra room inside...and looks cool with a UV light inside.they also come in many colors.

if they come with a PSU that is at least 400w then grab it.
otherwise I would highly recamend the antic true 430w.
it will be great for now, and should be fine for your next rig.

one more thing.....intel seems to be saying good by to RDRAM....so you might want to go DDR. yet RDRAM is easy to OC and offers great bandwith. it's also cheaper.

good luck



Oct 5, 2002
duluth ga
cpu is really up to you but mine is [email protected].
i always buy low price group cpu to o/c.
g4-ti4200 i like mine msi128 vivo(320/605)
just make sure you buy 128m for long run.
mem since you are on budget buy ocz pc2700 rev.3 or if you o/c with 133mhz bus cpu get ddr400+.
heatsnk you can't be wrong with alpha or swiftech.
also put ax-478 in mind good heatsink with good price.
mobo abit bd7-II is realy good for o/c,epox 4g4a+ is also good.
psu i got antec true 430 i love it.

anyway this is what i spend

cpu p4-1.8 ($145 at that time)
msi gf4 $159(included s/h)
mem geil ddr333 turbo512 (it was my mistake bad choice)$139
epox 4g4a+ $114
thermalright ax-478 $25 ($4 s/h)
antec server case with true 430 psu$160 somthing(i bought it from local)
couple of fan form nexfan.com(like $15)
2X wd 80g hdd se $220

around $1100 i think


Jun 1, 2002
Lt. Max said:
i think albatron has a 128mb ddr ti4200 wit 3.3ns ram which is the best bang/buck u can get i believe :) like 176 on newegg or something

I just checked....its $185.00, but only comes with dvout adapter...no games or s/video cable.

not worth it to me.