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Need help on overclocking 8730e with mobo m5a97 Evo r2.0

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Jan 1, 2017
Can anyone show me or guide me 😊😊. Psu 500 Silverstone bronze 80plus
Ddr3 ram 16000mhz hyper x
Mobo m5a97 Evo r2.0
Gpu rx 480
Cpu 8730e black edition ~
That motherboard has only a 6+2 power phase rating and will not be up to a big overclock with that FX 8 core.

Also, Kingston RAM often does not play well with AMD chipsets and can be unstable.

I would suggest you start by reading the FX overclocking guide that appears at the top of this forum's thread list as a "sticky." http://www.overclockers.com/forums/...ormance-Scaling-Charts-max-OCs)LN2-Results-co

It's really a matter of increasing the core speed multiplier, stress testing, watching temps and adding more vcore when the stress testing reveals instability. Max safe and stable package temps are around 60c. Download and install HWMonitor (non pro version), Prime95 (the stress tester) and CPU-z (reports hardware and bios settings).

Big piece of info you left out: What are you cooling the CPU with? Also, what is the make and model of your case? Need to know that so as to get an idea of the ventilation characteristics. Keeping things cool is essential when overclocking.
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