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need help overclocking first time

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Jan 24, 2016

6700k processor
Maximus VIII hero Mb
32 gb gskill ram (3200)

My 6700k is running at default voltage of 1.4, not sure how others are reporting lower default voltage. I don't want to mess with bus speed, just multiplier and voltage. When I used a 47 multiplier set at 1.35 CPU core voltage, my report yielded a 74.4 fps, score 3112, min fps 44.1, and max fps 75.5. This seemed stable. With multiplier set to 48 (can't remember voltage) it wasn't stable long term, but the results from one successful test was 74.4 fps, 3115 score, 44.3 min fps, and 116.9 max fps. Do these numbers seem legit? Total Newby here so please phrase responses accordingly.

Just checked back in bios after running tests, it now says on right side of screen that CPU voltage is at 1.472 v. I have CPU core/cache voltage on auto now... was setting it at 1.35 v before, but got confused and set it back to auto. CPU vccio voltage is at 1.23 v and set on auto.

Also, how do I get more detailed, customizable CSV reports from advanced bench valley. I keep getting the same html reports that came with the free version.

I just reset bios to default optimized settings. Core voltage is now 1.312 v. Erp and xmp were turned off.
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Jan 26, 2012
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Auto voltage setting always adds more than needed that's why it is frowned upon when overclocking. Always set your voltage manually and adjust accordingly. The "default" voltage that you are stating would seem to be the voltage when turbo is active on the chip, meaning that is what the target could be when at those higher speed clocks, again bc of auto voltage. XMP only effects the RAM speeds and I even set those manually rather than using XMP. Back to the chip. Stock voltage settings alternate between 1.296V and 1.312V on the 6700K. I would manually set the multi to 40 and the voltage to 1.3 volts and run OCCT. If it holds and doesn't BSOD, up the multi only to 42 and try again. Keep doing that until it BSOD's then when it does, go back into the BIOS and set the multi to one notch down, or the last known good, stable overclock. From there you can leave it, or depending on your cooling, you can add volts and keep going but 1.31 from 1.30, in .01 increments. If you're anal about even numbers like I am you can set the BCLK to 100.1 and it will give you an even 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 etc... Voltage setting should be on optimized as well in cpu power management tab. I won't get into LLC unless you plan on going further than stock voltage. **Keep an eye on temps**


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Jan 2, 2005
6700K shouldn't have more than ~1.22V stock. On early BIOS revisions ASUS Hero was showing ~1.35V on my CPUs so I only recommend to update BIOS. Except voltage read it also improves overclocking and memory support.
Last time when I was testing 32GB on Hero then 1.25V VCCIO and VCCSA was good enough for 3466.