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Need help overclocking soyo dragon plus

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New Member
Dec 20, 2001
I have a soyo dragon plus mother board, also I have an amd thunderbird 1.4ghz processer with crucial ram 2100 ddr. can someone please inform me of the process of overclocking this board cpu and memory thank you for you help:)
Hello and welcome to the forums. You started at a good place to find out information for overclocking. The first step is to research. then check if you have sufficient cooling for a good overclock. from there, you can just raise the multiplier and clock speed. I really think the best way to overclock is to just flat out see how far your computer can take it. once you find the right settings, you're set

yes there is enough cooling, but I need to know what settings to use for that cpu. should I raise voltage too? Thanks for the help.
Read the manual for the motherboard, even though its more like a novel it will tell you everything you need to know. i have the same board only it has the kt266 chipset not the kt266a chipset. its all in the bios. since you can only push the voltage up to 1.90 volts you dont have to really worry about going too high.
what hsf did you get???
i have the Swiftech MC462A and i had to cut a corner off of the heatsink to get it to fit in there right. so if you ever get one of those swiftechs beware of that little prob .

voclanio 6cu 7500rpm fan it fit fine. what is the purpose of uping the voltage and yes I did read the manual.
Re: ok

wismeincal said:
voclanio 6cu 7500rpm fan it fit fine. what is the purpose of uping the voltage and yes I did read the manual.

For stablity, of course! Go into the BIOS, up the voltage on the CPU (1.85v) and start uping the FSB speeds. Seems that the 1.4s have been hitting 1.6 with good cooling....

But the research on the main page will show you all the "other" factors involved with Overclocking......
I had to cut my alpha to fit as well.. anyone else having usb and speaker crackling problems?..
Hey Big_KiD, I beleive the probs you are experiencing are inherent to the KT266 chipset. These were some of the issues addressed with the release of the KT266A.
i understand this but is there any fixes?.. I don't wanna junk a mobo that only 4 months old
I believe that the updated BIOS fixed the problems on the Dragon from what I read before I bought my Dragon Plus.

I have not experienced any problems with the KT266a version.


Just keep increasing the FSB in the BIOS until you get kicked out of Win loading or other errors. Then up the vcore progressively until you are loaded. Run a program like Prime95 torture test to check the stability after that.

I could only get my XP1800+ up to 145Mhz BUS at default voltage with the PAL8045 + 80MM 50cfm fan but I had to increase the vcore to complete 48 hours of Prime95 with no errors.
well what fun is that.. LOL.. I like the fact that i can say i modded it to fit. LOL.. figured out the ocing thing.. even though u can move the multiplier in the bios it does not in fact oc the chip.. however my fsb is moving quite nicely. .

internal clock.. 1553.51
system clock 147.95 hhz
system bus 295.91..