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Need help picking a dvd rom drive

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Feb 25, 2002
Calgary AB Canada
whew, so many dvd rom drives and there all priced in the same range. I can't seem to find many reviews on these drives I will list below. I'm asking you guys which one you would pick based on first hand experience or through reviews, so that I can make a good choice on friday when I goto purchase one.

1)LG 16X(40Xcdrom)DVD(DRD-8160B) 69.95
2)Lite on 16x (40x cd rom) DVD-ROM 69.95
3)Pioneer 16x Tray load DVD-ROM 79.95
4)Sony 16X DVDROM 69.95
5)Toshiba 16x48x DVD ROM 89.95
6)Pioneer 16x Slot load DVD-Rom 78.95

You can see why I need your help with this one! I just want a dvd rom drive that will have decent picture and sound and last more than a year!
i've got a Sony DDRU1621, and its a pretty popular 16X DVD-ROM. I picked it up from USSA about 6 months back here in the states for 39 barebone.

my roomate go a 12x liteon drive for 26 at a computer show and i honestly can't see the difference between the two drives in terms of quality, speed, reliability...etc. I didn't test audio extraction or anything like that.

IMHO, most dvd-roms are pretty much the same, not like CDRW's. You get them to watch movies, not burn cds. Get the slot load dvdrom just for the coolness factor.
thanks for the quick and helpful replies guys. Ronin how is the picture and sound quality with the pioneers?? also what software would you guys reccomend to watch the dvd's with?? I have a dvd util already that came bundled with my gf4 but I don't know if it's any good.
i like the pioneer slot load..... where did you get those prices again???? Cause the last time i checked i got them for about $49.99 (remind you i get a discount due to working at a shop)
Both Pioneers give me great picture quality, I use Cyberlink PowerDVD, the slot just looks cooler. Meant to ask why the prices are so high on your list, just checked PriceGrabber and found several for $20 less and that includes shipping, also on Pricewatch again $20-$30 less...
don't forget guys I live in canada and my prices are in canadian dollars!!! it looks like I'll shell out the extra cash for the slot load pioneer dvd drive. Also does windows media player play dvds?
You need a software decoder, like Cyberlink PowerDVD, WinDVD, or DirectDVD(there are many others), but once you have it you can play the movies through Media Player.
The Toshiba is much cheaper at newegg (48) That's the one i use.
It all depends on what you use it for. Do you rip DVD's or CD's. Some drives have better ripping speeds with different media.
If that is of no consequence to you, go with a front loading pioneer. Front loaders l00k smooth.