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Need help setting up Digital Doc 5

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Dec 19, 2000
Well I bought one. Now I need to set it up. I can monitor 8 temperatures and for each, control 8 fans.

I need to know what is considered normal temps for each of the following and what temps I should use to trigger each channel's fans. This is the equipment I have.

Channel 1, is monitoring the Digital Doc 5 fan and room ambient temp. I leave this fan on all the time cuz its small.

Channel 2, CPU (Tbird 1.2G with FOP-38 heatsink fan assy), what temp should trigger CPU fan? I want it on most of the time except when system is in standby.

Channel 3, Geforce DDR, fan is 2 wire so can't monitor RPM but need to know max temp warning for card.

Channel 4, HDDs (2 IBM deskstar GXPs running in RAID 0), temp sensor is on top of top drive, what temp should I trigger HDD fan?

Channel 5, Front Chassis fan and intake temp sensor. Usually matches ambient (CH1) exactly.

Channel 6, Rear Chassis fan Upper, temp bulb is on top of power supply.

Channnel 7, Rear Chassis fan Lower, temp is exhaust temperature aft of fan.

Channel 8, No fan hookup, monitors general case temp from sensor in middle of case.

To summarize;

Should I just leave CPU fan on all the time (to frikken noisy) or can I set a temp that will keep it on most of the time except system standby. What temp would that be?

What is normal temp for sensor on back of GPU on my Geforce DDR? What temp should i have trigger fan on it? Or should i just leave it on all the time?

What temp should trip the fans on my RAID drives? Or should i leave this fan on all the time too?

Should I just have all the chassis fans turn on at 100F? That sound good?

Thanks people, any help would be great.

Firstly can we say sensor overload ?

Do not leave the control of you cpu fan in the hands of this device - if it craps out your going to have one dead cpu in very short order. Also, I doubt the response time of a sensor on your HSF or near your CPU will be fast enough when going from standby to full throttle to get that HS cooled before your T'bird goes into thermal oblivion - in short, keep you hs fan running. If you want to scale it back then control it's voltage.

Your GPU should be fine running at around 40c, so set the temp around there, or a little lower. As for you HD's, I'd set the temp to maybe 10~15c above ambient. As far as case fans go, use the sensor in the upper part of your case to control case fans, have them come on at ambient + 5~10c.

Hope that helps.

Hoooeee, just hit 3 stars ???
To tell the truth, I don't need any sensors to know if my cpu fan is running. Cuz the FOP38 is one load mutha. Obnoxious as hell. But I will never trust another fan or temp sensor again. That's why I bought the Digital Doc 5. I've had to computers fry because I didn't know the fans had died. There is no way to monitor Fan RPM or temps without hardware monitoring software, which hogs resources. I got enough crap running while playing Q3A now.

Thanks for the tips on the temps.