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Need help sizong a pump for DIY watercooling rig

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Dec 29, 2000
I need a suggestion on a pump for my home built water cooling rig. I was thinking of a Mag Drive 190 inline or maybe a Pond master $250.

Home made copper water block (50mmx60mm)
new aluminum heater core from a 99 ford escort (6"x7"x2")
supercase full tower like the one in Joe's "Water Cooling Case - A to Z".
I plan to mount the rad on top like Joe did so that's ~24" of head.

Any and all help will be appreciated!

Maybe I can get my pics and story up when I'm done.

I just got a Ehiem 1250 for my rig, highly recommended. Not the most compact or cheapest pump but top quality and very quiet, can be used inline or submerged but you would need a massive reservoir to submerge it in.
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Lots of pumps, good prices! Make sure you look at the flow rate under 2ft of head to make sure it's enough for you. My rig also goes up about that height, and I made the mistake of getting a Rio 600, not realizing the flowrate at that height sucked.
I would suggest the Mag Drives.

DangerDen carries Ehiem pumps (like badger suggested), and if they carry all high quality stuff.

BTW- thats cool your putting your own stuff together ;o) Where'd you get the heater core?
Thanks for the replies!

I ended up with a Mag-Drive pondmaster 250, 201 GPH at 2ft. It is working great in testing so tonight I am putting it in my PC.