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Need help stabilizing an i7 920 D0 system

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Oct 2, 2008
I got a PC in at the moment which was suffering from blue screens. Specs are i7 920 D0, asrock x58 xtreme 3, Tri channel OCZ memory (6sticks) 12 gigs in total running CAS 7 timings

To start off i ran memory test and it would fail after 20 minutes, i changed the the memory from auto too manual voltage 1.654 this allows the system to pass mem test.

Prime 95 and IBT, not a chance. Prime would have a core fail after an hour or so and IBT cant past 2nd test. With just 4 sticks of memory its fine though.

IVe messed around with voltages QPI voltage right now is set to 1.36 so i will see if it passes IBT, I have the CPU voltage set to 1.25 manual, if i have it on auto settings i get 10 more degrees heat in stress tests taking me up to 100 degrees practically.

The memory is at 2100 mhz i could i guess lower the speed and see if its stable, atm i have loosened the timings on the memory to CAS 9 settings

How much QPI voltage can i realistically pump into this thing, i've read some people need 1.4 to get 6 sticks stable

Also QTT voltage, i saw a guy on hardforum say he needed 1.35 QTT voltage to get 6 sticks stable at stock settings, with the CPU being at 1.2500 would setting a 1.35 QTT voltage damage the cpu because of the 0.5 rule?
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Are you running stock or overclocked? What is the exact model/part# for the OCZ ram kits? Do both both kits have matching spec?

Stabilizing 6x2GB often does require a bump in QPI/VTT voltage vs. running just one kit 3x2GB...

Some Bloomfield class cpu have weaker IMC then others and trying to run/stabilize 2000(+) memory speeds may be beyond what either your sample cpu or your ram kit's ic can handle. Have you tried to stabilize while running the combo at DDR3-1600 C9 or C8?

"0.5 rule"??... I thought the that pertained to DRAM voltage/VTT(QPI) voltage... Not Vcore/VTT... So if you a run a high voltage DDR3 kit at ~1.8v and then set VTT to ~1.2v Then you would be running with a voltage difference greater than .05v which can damage/kill your chip... Whereas bumping VTT up to 1.300v/1.325v with the same 1.8v DRAM would be safe.