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need help understanding running games at a Monitors Non-Native Resolution

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Apr 13, 2014
So i build cheap budget gaming rigs, and i want them to run as good as possible, some games in 1080p are to much, so 720p, 768p, 900p is what i want to set them up as.

so what im confused about is sourcing a good 900p mointer isnt really an option, and playing at a Non-Native Resolution apparently makes it look worst then on a native one.

so what do i do about this or is it really not a big deal?

sorry in this question is stupid, im just so uninformed on the subject.
By needing to run at below the native resolution you are going to have to give up some of the better looking parts of the game for the exact reason you stated.
It's more 900p on and 900p moniter vs on a 1080p moniter.

Your stretching you image to fit across more pixels, is there a way you avoid that, black bars maybe?
Sure, Black bars is one method of pixel stretching elimination. Can you implement it on general pc displays? I'm unsure. As far as I know, You can't; I fairly recently dipped my toes into the monitor overclocking realm, and nothing I saw/learned while toying with it gave me the ability to display the rendered area to native pixel counts with black area instead of stretching the whole image. But as I am no monitor expert, Feel free to disregard my experience, and research this matter further.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with this!
You always want to run native on an LCD otherwise the picture will look blurry or worse as you've seen. Unfortunately some monitors are capable of running at scaled resolutions some are not. You'll have to check with the MFGR to figure out what they are. If it isn't your only other option would be to upgrade the PC to run it at it's native resolution.