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Need help unlocking my XP

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Dec 29, 2000
Indiana, the land of corn
Ok I have read a few different articles on unlocking XP's and am now having a hard time deciding what to use to unlock it.
I have heard some guys say to use nail polish and others crazy glue and on and on goes the list! I am scared of the crazy glue because way back in high school electronics class (13 years ago) I had a project due and cracked my bread board and tried to use crazy glue to fix the crack and then sodered the traces back together. The thing burnt up I remeber my teacher at the time told me that my problem was that the glue was conductive and caused it! Now one of my questions is has the formulation of crazy glue changed so it is now non conductive or was that teacher wrong? I have some crazy glue and clear nail polish and can't decide which to use, help!
BTW if your wondering what I'm doing with nail polish I liberated it and some emery boards from my ex-wife as I was moving my stuff out of the house the nail polish is great for fixing small blemishes on clear coated engine manifolds and emery boards work wonders on distributor contacts. She took my 63 vette so I decided to get a few things to work on my other car.
Thanks for any help you guys can give.
I used masking tape, clear nail polish and conductive ink.
I also broke a piece off of a carpenter knife, and used that when I pull the tape off to cover the ink so it doesn't rise with the tape.

It took me about 15-20 minutes.

I just finished unlocking my 1600 XP. I used Crazy Glue to fill the pits and rear window defroster repair paint to close the bridges and scotch tape to isolate each bridge as I closed it. I then put a piece of scotch tape over the finished closed bridges to sorta protect them. All I can say is DON'T RUSH IT! Take your time.
I just unlocked my xp 1700, I used crazy glue to fill in the pits, and silver conductive lacquer to do the traces. I've heard the defogger kit takes like 24 hours to dry. Either way, good luck fellow overclocker.:)
Defogger paint

The defogger paint I got from Auto Zone dried VERY quickly. I used the thread end of a needle to put it on and it would be half dry before I could get it onto the chip good.
I dunno why ppl have to use crazy glue to fill the pits:rolleyes:
I just use white glue, works fine:cool: