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Need Help w/Duron 700

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New Member
Mar 7, 2001
Hello everyone I need some help.I have a icue via kt 133a board with a duron 700 processors and i want to overclock it.I do not have a multiplier in the BIOS.I adjusted the cpu setting to 107/37 htz and i got it running at 750mhz.Is this the highest it can go or is there something else I can do.Would a updated BIOS possible have a multiplier?If so where can I get one from.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.
You'll probly have to check in with your board man.. Have you tried installing ther power glide tech support cd software? Their sight isn't much help to me.
Is icue the brand of your motherboard? I've never heard of them.... but I. do know this much. A lot (in fact almost all) generic-type Athlon and Duron motherboards do not support changing the processor multiplier on any level - BIOS, dips, jumpers, or the like. (regardless of if the chip is unlocked via the L1 bridges or not) The only boards that I know that can change multiplier are: Abit KT7 series, Asus A7V series, MSI K7T Pro and Turbo series, Iwill KK266 series, and the FIC AZ11E. Overclocking on anything else is going to have to be via FSB. I think I saw a post about messing with the other L bridges to modify the default multiplier and voltage.... I think it was at Tom's Hardware. Be warned though, I think doing this involves permanently modifying the bridges on your chip so beware. If you screw up your chip I am not going to be responsible, as I have never tried this and I do not know to what extent it will work. Good luck, maybe in the future do some extra research before dropping coin on a generic or otherwise sub-par product. :)

Thanks guys for your help.I got this running at 770mhz via changing the cpu speed to 110/38.I'll just keep it here for now.Next time I buy a board I sure will make sure it has a multiplier.