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need help with a pal 6035

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New Member
Feb 2, 2001
I was wondering was kind of temp decreases I could get with a different fan on my alpha. Anway I have a cel2 600@900 1.8 vcore, the alpha has a 21 cfm sunon fan on it. It idles at about 26c and loaded 36c. What would I get with a bigger fan? I was thinking about an ADDA 28cfm fan. Is it worth going with a delta 38? I would like to try to overclock farther. I can run at 927 though not very stable. I have posted at 1008 a few times. Anyway thanks for the input.
I went from the Sunon fans to the Delta fans on my PEP66s and saw about a 4-5 degree improvement. I have very good case cooling here, if the case ventilation isn't great you may see less improvement.
I agree, the sunon fans don't do a great job, you will see a nice improvement with the delta fan. I replaced my 6035 with a FOP 38 and my temps dropped 10C, The friend I sold the Alpha to put a delta fan on it and now it does a great job.
Havn't tried a 6035 but I have used a super orb without success.
Then I switched to an FOP 38 and it brought my temps down by about 8c
A bit noisy, but after a couple of days it quiets down a bit, or you seem to get use to it.
I had a Sunon 23cfm on my PAL,then switched to a Delta black label 38cfm. The Delta was much more efficient but makes a horrendous high-pitched whining noise. I then wired the Delta to 7v to slow it down. The noise level was much more tolerable, and performance-wise it still outdid the Sunon 23cfm by 2C.

However, your results may vary. The only way you'll know what different fans do on your system is to try 'em.