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Need help with i7 930, X58, and Ram

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New Member
Jan 13, 2018
CPU is a core i7 930 2.8 Ghz, X58 MB and 2 X 4 GB ddr3 2133 pc3 17000 ram. Noctua air cooler running at avg. 45 C.

I can set the memory higher (2:14 1867 mhz) but only when the CPU clock is at stock speeds. When it's overclocked, the memory frequency won't go higher than 2:8 without rebooting. I'm only getting a DRAM frequency of 738 mhz and it should be over 1 Ghz. I'm beginning to think my motherboard is incapable of enabling the full ram power. Any thoughts?

memory frequency 1067 mhz / 2:8

Timings are 9-9-9-24 2T

clock ratio 21x
Cpu Clock 185
target CPU Frequency 4077 mhz (185 X 22)
target memory frequency 1482 mhz.

MCH Strap auto
CPU uncore frequency 2965 mhz (16x)
CPU clock skew o ps
Spread Spectrum disabled
PCIE Frequency 100

no vdroop
CPU vcore 1.4 V
CPU VTT voltage auto
CPU PLL Vcore 1.875
DIMM voltage 1.65
DIMM DQ vref +0mv
QPI PLL Vcore 1.35
IOH VCore 1.25
IOH / ICH 1.65
ICH 1.25
PWM frequency 1067 khz

speedstep enabled
turbo mode enabled

QPI Frequency selection 4.8 GT/s


Jun 12, 2010
Hey Grendrundht,

You will most likely have to up your QPI voltage. Try stepping it up in .05 increments like 1.40, 1.45 etc. I had a G-Skill set for X-58 that was supposed to be good for 2000mhz, but G-Skill said my QPI had to be upped to 1.6. I never tried it. Also, if I recall correctly the 930 wasn't the best for OCing back then. The D0 920 was god, along with the 980x.


Which motherboard are you using also?


New Member
Jan 13, 2018
Glad to have found this kickass forum. Thanks, I'll try that.

MB is an EVGA X58 SLI, about 8 years old. I decided to try upgrading with the 2133 ram and a 1050 ti GPU. The GPU is working fine.

I heard that about the 930 too so I think I'll keep at just 4 Ghz.

I read somewhere that the X58s can handle up to 2133 mhz ram, but the i7 can't handle more than 1.65 volts safely (DIMM voltage?) whereas the ddr3-2000+ kits take 2.0+ Volts- meaning my ram capacity could be limited by my CPU.


Senior Moment Senior Member
Nov 11, 2001
I would do some searching in the way of the dividers for the ram/core/uncore- as there are ratios that have to be maintained. some boards will keep them so automatically and some wont, when not right the boards will fail to boot