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need help with idea for water cooling

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i was at work today and i was on break walking around when i saw an open water fountain... well it looked pretty much like a regular water cooled computer, except it had copper pipes, the radiator and fan were much bigger and i thought 'cool'... when examining i found that the radiator was on bottom with fan and pump (i think - it was a black cylinrical structure pretty wide and had a domish top with one pipe in and one out), then on top was a thing enclosed in styrofoam with one pipe in and one out, there was a little hole in it i could make out some copper but thats it. well by the end of the day it was finished and i took a drink out of it and it was pretty dam cold, then i thought how does it get this cold? it cant just be the rad+fan can it? any ideas on what makes it that cold? would it be practical in computer cooling? or am i just thinking way too much, or not enough?
sounds like a refrigeration system, a favorite among overclockers, but really its hard to say without us actualy looking at it, evaporative cooling does give some pretty good results though, was it icy cold or just cool enough to be tasty? :) one way to find out is see if really warm air is coming from it, if it is chances are it is refrigerated.

it was icy cold, i could barely drink it. how would you put a refigerant system in a computer water cooling system?