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Need help with KT7 & FOP38

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Feb 3, 2001
I have a KT7 mobo with a FOP38. theHSF came with a molex connector. (4pin standard harddrive connector) When connected to the power and not the onboard fan connection. my system beeps like crazy. is there any forums or topic about this fan anywhere? or does anyone know if this will hurt my PC.
I have 300watt PSU. The thing is this. on the board there are fan conectors (3pin) If I don't have anything plugged into it when I boot. I get beeps like crazy. The FOP38 has a 4pin powersupply lead on it. So i have to connect it to one of the wires that come from the power suplly and not te onboard fan1 plug. What did is connect it to a harddrive wire. and also connected my old (coolermaster HSF) to the Fan1 connector on te board.
It boots with no beeps. I am wondering if this dangerous or normal for the board to beep when nothing is connected to the Fan1 connection?
sorry babbling
I believe that board expects the CPU fan to be plugged into the CPU fan header and is trying to tell you it thinks there's a problem.
yes indeed the latest official kt7-bios (ww) requires a fan on header1 with monitoring rpm - if there's no fan or no rpm signal it won't boot at all... so just connect a appropriate fan to fan header 1 and the fop38 to any other connector (whether on kt7 nor directly to psu doesn't matter at all) and be happy ;-)
Do not connect the fop38 to the motherboard you will burn out the fan header. Get a case fan with rpm monitor or reflash the bios.
You can do a bit of cut and splice on the connector to make this work if you have the right equipment, what you do is cut the two power/ground leads and leave just the tach lead on the three pin mobo header, plug it in to the mobo, then splice the ground and power into the ground and power on the Molex adaptor. Interestingly the A7V actually supplies enough fan header power to run the Delta 38, mines been running non stop with the Delta plugged into the cpu header for about 3 weeks. (The delta takes 4.0 watts and the a7v can pump out 4.2)
Shep..you are wrong about using the fan header on the KT7 motherboard for an FOP38 or any other cpu fan for that matter. The KT7 header is rated at 6 watts, plenty for the FOP38. Read the specs, it states so explicitly. I myself run the FOP38 now for 4 months on my own KT7 and this rig runs 24 hours a day, every day, at full cpu load (Seti!).
As long as you have a good 250w or higher power supply, you will be fine.