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need help with motherboard

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Mar 24, 2002
Liverpool, UK
I need to find drivers for a motherboard that is fully integrated with onboard LAN, Video, Audio etc...only one problem with it...I have no idea what it is :(

Its known specs are as follows...

CPU - Socket7 K6-2 500MHz
Memory - 100Mhz DIMM (2x)
Northbridge - ???
Southbridge - M1543C B1
AGP - No
PCI - 2
ISA - No
Form Factor - Micro ATX

anyone have any idea of where how to find what motherboard it is, I looked at what northbridges could go with that southbridge...been looking for an hour with no joy, any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated :beer:

I think its micro atx anyway...its about 9.5inches by 7.5inches
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somewhere on there is a serial number, or the name of the company..all motherboards have those..all that have ever been made, and since its a 500mhz, its not THAT old, but by the information given, it could be a number of motherboards..seeing as how they put the same southbridge on alot of boards, and there are alot of mATX with everything integrated (generally what mATX's are good for)
well it aint me doing this, im doing it over msn with my mate - so its difficult, I have asked numerous times to look for a stick or something on the pcb itself but he says there is none...

ill ask him again... :)
I have tried that :(

it states there are 3 northbridges that can be used, and I have looked through loads of motherboards and none fit the bill :(
he has looked again and again...he still says he cant see a serial number for the motherboard - I myself have seen old boards with nothing on them in terms of serial numbers of identification..
I dont actually have any drivers thats what im looking for...im wondering if anyone knows of a chipset or site that will deal with motherboards like that so I can get searching
shameless bump...

I was wondering, in the post....just before it clocks the cpu and coutns memory and after the BIOS model information...do ALL computers tell you the motherboard or the chipset?

cos all the ones I have seen at least tell you either, but my friend insists that his doesnt
pcchips M584LMR <- that 3 digit number may be off im vaguely remembering...bit of an obscure motherboard...now the task of finding its drivers :)