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Need help with MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5

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New Member
Jan 24, 2023
I recently purchased a new MPG A1000G PCIE5 for my desktop to use with my 4090 FE. After removing my old supply, I dropped in the MPG and started setting it up.

The mobo, cpu, sata, gpu and pcie supplies were connected but when I tried to turn on the PC, nothing happened. The switch on the PSU itself was set to on, and the zero fan button was _not_ engaged.

I started disconnecting my components one-by-one until only the Mobo power was connected, but still nothing. The fan in the PSU never moved.

At this stage I disconnected the PSU from the mobo, and used a paperclip in the PS-ON and one of the Ground pins in the Mobo connector. I can hear the PSU click, but the fan never comes on. This is the same behaviour with the zero fan button engaged or disengaged. I put the old power supply back in and the PC booted normally, so pretty sure it's not something else causing the issue.

At this stage I believe my new PSU is dead-on-arrival.

However, I just wanted to confirm that with newer MSI power supplies, connecting the PS-ON pin to a ground pin should spin up the fan?
If using the paper-clip trick to power on the PSU and nothing happens, then it's a sure sign the new PSU could be defective. It's not unheard of new parts arrive DOA.

How about retuning it for an exchange?
Not sure if the fan turns on for that model... I th8nk they all spin up at power on??? But wouldn't bet on it.
I had that psu for 3 weeks and honestly I never paid attention to the fan on it. I have no idea when the fan is on and off since my system fans are louder.