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Need help with my 4690k Overclocking idle temps

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Jan 27, 2016
I built an Intel build, finally. I am happy about it although after my overclocking my idle temps seem high. I've reapplied thermal paste AS5 and still get the same idle temps.
Running stress test Cinebench to make sure everything is stable. Seems ok. specs are as follws:
I5 4690k @ 4.5 CPU- CV @ 1.21 Synce all cores just using ratio.
Cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper N520
Corsair CX Series 750 Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Bronze
IN WIN GT1 White SECC Steel ATX Mid
ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150 Intel
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 4GB- X4=16GB DDR3 2400MHZ
Is this my issue? to high?

I need some help as i would like to hit 4.7 stable w/o water is that possible?
Thinking about delidding

Posting screen shot of couple things.
Real temp gt temps at current idle and you can see the MAX that hit when i ran Cinebench.

Thanks guys, Cooper



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i have the i5-4670k overclocked to 4.5ghz at 1.19volts. i idle from 30° to 33°, but i am using corsair h80i. i dont remember what my idle temps were when i was on air.
Idle temperatures are not important and your load temps are well within spec. If you want to see lower idle temperatures, enable the low power C7 C State in the bios.
^ Agree.

Idle temps don't really matter that much...load temps are what matters.

Your screenshot has max core temperatures of 74 C, 78 C, 80 C, 74 C...what stress test where you running to get these temperatures?
He said Cinebench which really isn't a stress test it's a benchmark. Use something like Aida64, IBT, occt if you want a better sense of stability.
I agree with the above idle temps really are irrelevant, stress test it with one of the aforementioned programs and see how it performs. What I would like to know is how many fans are in the case. From looking at it I'm only seeing 1 front and 1 rear 120mm, you may want to invest in some more. The more airflow through the case, especially if the Gpu heatsink is venting into the case, will be benificial.
why say idle temps don't matter much? If you can get those idle temps down wouldn't that give you more thermal headroom?
why say idle temps don't matter much? If you can get those idle temps down wouldn't that give you more thermal headroom?


Processor temperatures are a function of the power generated by the processor and how well that power is dissipated.

If I idle my system at 50 W, it will have a higher "idle temperature" than if I idle my system at 30 W.

Temperature at full load is not dependent upon the idle temperature.

If you have a liquid cooling loop, a higher idle temperature will put more heat into the liquid. When you ramp to full power, the initial processor temperature will be higher. However, in stead state (after 30+ minutes) the processor temperature will be the same regardless of idle temp.

Physics is your buddy! :thup:
Ok, so i got ROG 2.43 did a 15 min test. Failed at about 4 min in @ 1.21 Core Volts Bumped it up to 1.235 and passed. Although i did get higher temps core#2 and #3 doing the worst. @ 87-90 deg. Posting screen shots. temps ROG.jpg
It's not unusual for there to be different temps among the cores on Intel, temps are about as high as you want to go for a daily Oc. Maybe getting more air flow through the case will help. How many fans are in it now?
I have 6 fans. also did some research and found that my cooler is horse****. So i purchased a Corsair-Hydro-Series-H80i-Extreme-Performance-Water-Liquid-CPU-Cooler-120mm. Should be good when i get this :)