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Need help with my first Water Cooled Custrom Loop

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monsoon fittings are solid. just be sure to try and stick with the same brand tubing. xspc makes much cheaper fittings but they also dont have many tubing sizes to choose from so there are both positives and negatives with them. going with a single 420 isnt a bad choice for a cpu/gpu loop. keep in mind that with hard tubing you can minimize your 90s by making bends that correlate to what you need. so you may be able to eliminate a fitting or two.
for cooling its up to you ultimately but i am not a fan of colored fluids or dyes because of the many many horror stories ive heard about them separating or staining gear. i would suggest looking at some colored tubing instead. if you do decide to go with a colored fluid make sure its of the same brand as your blocks. ek in particular will void warranties if something happens with the fluid if it isnt theirs. they wont honor the warranty.
rgb strips are a great way to complement a rgb mb/gpu etc but they can get expensive. i used cablemods in mine and like them but there are tons of other brands to consider. try to make sure whatever it is you go with will work well with your mb software or whatever sw youll be using.
performance pcs is a good place to price out gear and they usually have the best pricing including shipping. here is a ppcs coupon that will take 5.5% off your total bill, OCN55
if your buying your ek blocks from them use EKFREESHIP for free shipping. if over $99.99
Thank you to everyone who helped me out with all the information I just ordered everything I hopefully will need for my build I did a little editing on some parts and overal decided not to include a gpu loop at this time due to a video by jayztwocents basically saying it’s not needed but we will see it may be an addition in the future. When everything comes in hopefully I have a leak free first attempt! Thanks again
The almost finished product

So I added my tubes and fittings and everything (PETG was a pain) but I finally got it, it booted and filled up perfectly but leaked in one spot on my mono block so I drained it, swapped out the o ring and no problems since last night.

My only mess ups are the RGB on my mono block don’t work and idk what to do.

I bought a riser cable and a NZXT hue controller For case lights that comes in on Friday then the build will be completely done.

Pictures will be up shortly