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Need Help with North Bridge Hold Down

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Apr 19, 2002
I have a chipset waterblock with a holding mechanism that uses the standard holes in the motherboard.

Unfortunately, my new motherboard doesn't have holes by the north bridge. Instead it has these metal rings/eyelets that stick up vertically out of the motherboard.

Does anyone know of an outfit that sells universal hold downs that could work with these eyelet thingies, or have any good ideas on how to make one (please note that I have only very rudimentary tools and materials handy)?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, the waterblock is the Dangerden Z block, and the motherboard is the Albatron 845PEV Pro. Oh and if you can't wait for the dual channel motherboards, this motherboard rocks with Corsair PC3500 memory (it's just a tad slower than 1066mhz RDRAM at 160mhz fsb) . (Note that the DDR speed is locked to the fsb so if your processor can't get beyond 140mhz fsb or so you won't get the 400+mhz memory bandwidth.)


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Aug 8, 2001
Sunshine State, USA
I contemplated every option with this scenario.

What I did was use the wire as a reference and just made a heavier duty wire similiar to the stock wire. I then just used the wire to hold down my waterblock. Works great.

Heres a tip. Take a razor blade and remove the foam gasket on the stock northbridge heatsink, then reaply the gasket for use with your waterblock, between the gasket and the wire it will seat nicely. (You may have to play around with the wire to get it to the right tension depending on the waterblock your using)


Apr 19, 2002

Thanks for your reply.

I tried something similar last night, but actually tying it on with soft wires (it was too late to buy stiff wire) over a foam pad on the waterblock (to replace the springiness of the stiff wire, i.e. avoid crushing the core), which seemed to work but looks like crap and makes me nervous.

I'll have to revisit the northbridge pad thing. I had put layers of electrical tape cutouts on top of each other until I had the right thickness, and that wasn't working too badly; but it seemed like I really needed 4 and a half layers to get just the right thickness, heh.