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need help with TEC questions

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Jun 1, 2003
i know much about the theroretics of tec cooling, but i have yet to *actually* set one up. i have a "mini-nuclear power plant" as you would say (enermax 651, 550w) and i was wondering a few things.

1) do i need another power supply to run a TEC (i have quite a few fans and drives), if not, what is the highest TEC you think i could run?

2) how would i set everything up? Please give in detail, how i condensate proof the back of my mobo, and the socket, along with what i need to do to have perfect seal around TEC and WB, along with a list of supplies i will need

3) if i were to mount this with a dtek tc4, first off, does this block do good with peltier cooling, and how would i mount the peltier independant of the socket mounting, so that i could put the proper 300lbs of pressure on it

thanks a ton, i have been deeply debating what i need to do for my extreme cooling, and i have finally decided that TEC is the way to go. i cant afford phase change or water chilling (commercial, anyways) and even the best water cooling setup isnt quite enough for me.

with this WC system:

dtek tc4
Eheim 1060/1260 (~600gph)
black ice extreme 2 dual rad w/ 2x120mm delta 190cfm each
bay res
1/2" connections on everything

what kind of tec will this be able to cool, and what would you guess would be me idle/load temps? im hoping to get in the negatives if possible


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Dec 19, 2000
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Even though you have a nuke reactor for a PSU it won’t do the job. To cool a high wattage CPU you will want a 226 watt TEC. A 226 watt TEC actually consumes 365 watts of power but moves 226 watts of heat. www.dangerden.com and www.swiftech.com have nice PSUs that will actually fit in your case. As you already know you need a lot of clamping force for a TEC to run efficiently. I threaded 4 small hex screws into my Maze2 and made a 3/8 coldplate for my 226 watt TEC. You might be able to do something similar if their is enough room for the screws around the 4 mounting holes. If you want a new TEC waterblock I highly recommend swiftech.