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Need Ideas For Wireless Keyboard Setup

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Feb 22, 2007
I'm helping my brother-in-law with a computer setup at his house. Essentially he's got his office in a little loft area that's above his living room. He does all his work up there and is really into multimedia. What he wants is to be able to essentially use his living room TV as a monitor for his computer up stairs. We've ran HDMI and USB cables from the PC down to the living room so if he goes up stairs and hits play he can watch movies or whatever. But walking all the way up stairs to flip a switch, that's so archaic :D There's a staircase that's in the living room that leads to the loft. In fact if you opened the loft door and looked straight out you could see the TV. However it's too far for the wireless keyboard signal to reach, plus if you sit on the couch you break line of sight. What I was thinking is if there was some time of relay or signal repeater we could use at the edge of the stairs then it could make it up to the PC in the loft. I just don't know what I need to make that happen, so I'm looking for ideas. Also we have run USB cables to downstairs so is there maybe someway to utilize that to control the keyboard and mouse from downstairs? I'm also open to any ideas that could establish this while keeping it wireless or wires hidden.


Sep 18, 2009
The keyboard has some kind of receiver that uses USB, right? You could just hook it up to the USB cable's you've run downstairs and then it'd be downstairs closer to the keyboard, right?

The problem is that would require you to move and hook it up each time you wanted to use it downstairs. You could get a second receiver, but I think you'd have to get another keyboard for that...

Well that's what I thought of, I hope something works.


May 13, 2006
you could just get a second keyboard/mouse, one set in the loft and one set in the living room as you have the cable ran downstairs already.