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Need major help on bios update

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Mar 5, 2002
ok heres the problem 1st my specs i have a compaq presario 5000 model series 5BW130 and the only info i know on my motherboard is that its socket370 intel810 and my cpu is a intel 667 celeron now the problem is the bios really sux bad i have no options in it at all its the worst bios i have ever seen what im trying to do is update the bios so that i have more options mainly cpu display so that i can overclock my cpu fq now i found this page http://www.aopen.nl/tech/download/mbbios/default.htm Here but i dont know which update to download under the socket370 intel810 or which really even offers options im looking for if anyone can help or has had this problem with compaqs weak a$$ bios plz help me out and i have tried going to the compaq udate site and its no help there udates are just as weak
Well after spending a bit looking all over Compaq's site for your series, I couldn't find anything. It seems they don't keep old computer info or something.

I was looking for info on your mobo. I wonder why you went to Aopen's site for a mobo flash. A motherboard BIOS cannot be used interchangably between companies. Unless it says somewhere on your mobo that it's in fact an Aopen mobo..flashing(if possible) it will most likely render it useless.

Anyways, you have a Compaq. OEM's have a limited BIOS for a reason. Their target consumers mostly won't know anything about a computer. Much less, be able to get into the BIOS screen. But once there if on accident, there's nothing there so they can't mess anything up. I'm afraid you're out of luck. Your mobo is proprietary anyways. You probably won't be able to find a new BIOS for it.
yeah win i 1st bought this compaq i didnt know much about computers at the time but now that its 2 years later i have come along way and this computer just doesnt give me what i need i think im just going to go ahead and build a new one buying it peice by peice that way i have everything i want from a computer well thank you for all you time and help Dark
Yeah, its best to ditch the compaq.
you could always keep almost all your components and just get a new case and motherboard then you can overclock :)
but you will probably need a new heatsink as well.

btw, welcome to the forums :)
yeah i plan on getting a new case,motherboard,cpu and then ripping out my cd-roms/burner and my Voodoo4 and sounblaster out and then i will be ready to go :) i wonder why compaq is so gay like that though in the long run that is only going to hurt them
im not sure what PHL is but yes you can find me on alot of different forums
haha thats funny you will find me on the CS hacking forums im used to be a mod on 1 of them like mpc and ogc and i just made a gaming web site here go check it out and tell me what you think i just put it up last night heres the link http://cableone.net/plapo/ bookmark it :) and come back and tell me what you think of it ?