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Need micro ATX

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Sep 2, 2001
Elkhart, Indiana
First off im sorry if i posted this in the wrong topic wasn't sure if this would go here or genral hardware. Alright now im looking for a Micro ATX motherboard.... i wanna keep it as small as possible so 1 agp, 1-3 pci slots, 1-2 slots for sdram, and what ever is built onboard is fine doesn't really matter. I tried to find somthing like this but i couldn't so im turning to you guys:D

*edit*Its gotta support a 1 gig athlon
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My choice would be the EPoX 8KHM. mATX and has the KT266A chipset so you'll get the monster bandwidth.

2 DDR slots, 3 PCI and an AGP port with built in sound. Not sure about overclocking but is very similar to the 8KHAL so should have some overclocking options.

Bunta has them for $79 which isn't too bad for a quality mATX board.
I came so close to getting that board but I ended up with a P4 board instead. Go for the 8KHM and get an Inwin V500 case. The V500 has a small 145 watt psu but you can stick any standard ATX psu inside. I just got the inwin myself and I am very impressed with its quality. I am water cooling my rig so I was even able to stic a radiator in it. In fact the Inwin had more space in the front for a huge dangerden cube than my mid atx! Check out some of the stuff I have been doing with my project here.
well im gonna build a car mp3 palyer this year rather than use my laptop.... its gonna go under my 12s so im gonna build a plexi glass case and i have a spare 1 gig tbird that im gonn ause...i wanna keep cost down