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Need Mobo for Intel P4 2.4b 533mhz

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Jul 18, 2004
So Cal
Need Mobo for Intel P4 2.4b 533mhz ~ I'm getting a new CPU from a friend and I wanted to know what would be a good mobo. I might OC, but I wanted to get a decent mobo so I'll have that option to OC. I have PC2100 DDR 266 ram installed on my pooter right now and I want my old ram to work in the new mobo. I wanted the new mobo to be versatile so I can use my old RAM now and then upgrade to better RAM later. I have the ASUS A7A 266 right now. In the manual it says to use unbuffered/registered ram. I'm using my PC as a desktop and not as a server. I'm typing all the info I can think of so I can get the best info from you guys as possible! :attn: Thanks....


Jan 2, 2004
yelm, wa
i have an msi 648 max-l mobo, if i recall right. it supports up to ddr333 and i am currently running with pc2100 (ddr266). i can overclock to 2.9, but i believe that the limit of a 2.4b is 3.0. it works, is stable, and doesnt run too hot. has the usual two eide inputs (ata133), 8x agp, 5 or 6 pci, 3 ram slots.


Jul 20, 2004
Dallas, Tx.
I have an Intel D845PEBT2
I just upgraded.
I'll sell my PEBT2 for $50 plus shipping if ya want it!
It's only been used for about a year.
I had the exact same processor you do and was using a GeForce4TI 4400 on it. It was solid as a rock!
DDR up to 333
PM Me if your interested.