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Need new mobo mine is dead

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Oct 10, 2009
Montreal - Canada Or @Cegep Maisoneuve
Hi guys, If the warranty dont work on my m3n-ht deluxe i need to buy a new one.
Currently using
Phenom II 955 c2 125w
Gtx 280
8GIG ddr2 800mhz
1 Hard Drive
I need a moobo that support am3 cpu and ddr2 800mhz Looking for something that can support 800mhz/1066 maybe1200 mhz and that can support a phenom II 955 at 3.8 / 4 ghz and last long.I would like to have 2sli/3sli option WITH NVIDIA
BUdget is around 100 to 150 CAN
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Dec 31, 2008
Columbus OH


Apr 20, 2001
St. Paul, MN, USA
I do not think they make a am3 socket motherboard with ddr2. You will probably have to decide if you want the am3 cpu or the ddr2 ram.
Sorry to say this so late,but if you want a motherboard for a am3 socket cpu this is a good deal for 36.99 after rebate , but the rebate ends today. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813135250 I am about to get it.

It's a matter of semantics. Yes, true AM3 motherboards will only have DDR3 support, and only support AM3 CPUs.

However, AM3 CPUs will work in nearly any AM2+ motherboard that has the proper BIOS updates. I've got two AM3 CPUs (X3 710s) both running in AM2+/DDR2 motherboards. I could put that 955BE in any of these two boards with my 8GB loadouts of DDR2 and it'd work swimmingly.

And as a side note, my #3 motherboard is an IC780M-A2. Sucks for overclocking non-BE CPUs, but is great for the 550BE I have in it right now. However, that board will also not support the 955BE, as it only has 95W max official CPU support. You'd pull that board's MOSFETs dead with a 125W or 140W CPU in short order. Nor does it support SLI. Definitely won't be useful to the OP.

As for the OP, Nvidia-based options are limited. The ASUS M4N82 would get you there, but it's sitting right at $160. That might blow your budget...

ETA : The Foxconn Destroyer might also help you out. $150USD, you'd have to track it down at a Canadian retailer.
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