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Need new PSU?

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Sep 6, 2004
Ok, so i'm upgrading my main box from a 6800le/3200+/2gig OCZ Ram/2x80gig sata Raid 0/2 optical drives/Antec TP550 (old school) w/20->24 pin converter.


That evga combo (mobo and 7800GT)/Opter165/2gig OCZ Ram/2x80gig sata Raid 0/2x160 gb IDE Raid 1/2 optical drives

So the question is, do I need to get a new PSU? Seems to me that the 7800gt would add some requirement to the 12v rail and thus, amperage needs to be upped. I have a FSP550PLG in my file sever and I've had good luck with Fortron but I'm wondering about noise, I guess the newer FSP550PLG-SLI has noisekiller?
I just don't know if it is worth it to spend 50-60 more on a PSU merely to get a quieter one. How much could a higher eff. PSU really save me per year?

Any thoughts on another psu that is slightly more quiet yet comprable? Or should I just go with the FSP550PLG-SLI and screw the noise/efficiency?

Seems around here it is either the Fortron or the OCZ. What about the Seasonic 500w sli capable? 109 after MIR at newegg. Dual rails...

Lastly, I guess I could take the FSP550PLG out of my fileserver and put the TP550 in there. The only issue is the 550's dual-fans and one would butt up against the outside of my SGI server-case- cutting down on its breathing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, sorry about the confusing post.

Know Nuttin

Senior Member
Mar 25, 2004
Ontario, Canada
The 500w S12 would serve you well. It will handle your components.

IIRC, the 7800GT would pull ~2-3A of +12v more than a 6800LE would on load.