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Need opinion on new video card. Please reply.

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Jun 1, 2001
Sin City
As you see my system specs below you will notice I am currently running a Voodoo 5500. The card has done me well for the past 10 months or so. I have had a some problems with a few of the newer OPEN GL based games as of recent, Tribes 2 for instance. I am going to order a new card this weekend and I need a few opinions. I am considering the G FORCE 3, but I'm not sure if I want to spend that much right now. So in your opinion what video card aside from the G FORCE 3 if any, will give me a large improvement over the VOODOO 5500 at a cost of around $200.00.
Well the Geforce3 is a bit to pricey for me at the moment, so I would recomend a Geforce2 ultra if your a game player, but if your not a Matrox G450 would get my vote as these have an exceptionally sharp and clear 2D image
Go with the GeForce 2 ultra. The 3 is a bit too spendy for the improvement. I have a Visiontek ultra and play Tribes2 with no problems at all, and with very fast framerates.

i love my geforce2 mx 32agp it runs counterstrike at 100 fps 800x600 and 75fps @ 1024x768 and i got it for 100 bucks from frys and u can tweak the hell out of it for its performance and price its a hell of a chip
Well, I recently had the same debate to deal with. I had a Geforce2 32mb and was looking at getting the Ultra 2 or go all the way to Gf3.
The Gf3 prices will not go down until later this fall. I saw that the GF3 kills the Gf2 Ultra at higher resolutions plus the FSAA can be turned on full with hardly any loss of frame rates.
Also the Ultra's are 1 yr old technology.
Why not get the newest technology GF3 and have a card that you can keep for the next year? Plus get excellent frame rates for the newer games that are coming out, like Doom3, Tribes2 ,etc..
I was a 3dfx man, and still am actually, as I own a Voodoo5 5500 AGP, and love it. I really dont like Nvidia AT ALL. But my point here is, that the Geforce3 is really a great card. And I really do reccomend it to poeple out there that have the money.