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Need Opinions on MSI mobo's

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Jun 27, 2001
Wash. State
I am looking to buy a new mobo for a Tualatin bases system. I have already been looking at a mobo by Abit, and have now come accross a couple by MSI that are much cheaper. Now I want some of my trusted Overclockers.com brothers opinions.
msi is known for average products, and just that, average, average everything, and then there is abit, it's known for its great stability and performance, but you are right about the higher price tag.
Yeah I have to agree. Although I've yet to work with a MSI Intel mobo, I've used a MSI AMD mobo and let me tell you, the overclocking options are lousy and not very flexible. Stick with ABit since these are your buddies for overclocking. Tualatin ready are the ST6 and the cheaper, VH6T; both top quality. I'm weary to recommend anything else.
not a tually mobo, but i LOVE my MSI 6309 (apollo pro 133a chipset) fast and stable with enough oc'ing features to get my 600e@866. I'd buy MSI again if there was a good deal, but i've also had good luck with Abit
I build Stock systems with MSI 815EPT Pro boards and they are great boards and run fast but they are not good overclockers.

If you ever need to build a non OC system for somebody go with the MSI