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Need opinions on pc

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Nov 8, 2001
Im gonna put together a buisness pc for someone
They just wana access the internet and use buisness apps such as word, quicken, etc.
How does this setup sound
1ghz duron (they don't really think they wana spend the extra for the xp) (or should I go ahead and get them a 1.2ghz duron?)
ECS sis735mobo onboard lan and sound
gf2mx or gf2gts or should i get them a dif card?
What hdd should i get 40gb maxtor, western d, seagate 4, or some other type?
CD-Rom generic possibly maybe that sony from newegg
Case from newegg one that looks like the antec sx830 (or should i get a dif kind of case?)
Crucial ram 256mb ddr maybe? or a different kind or amount they will be running xp? They don't plan on ocing any
15 or 17inch monitor from best buy or something (any specific brands recommended?)
I think i hit on all the componets they are getting the heatsink from me, keyboard, mouse, and speakers probably
thanks in advance for any advice everyone


Mar 11, 2002
Chicago, IL
Get a maxtor hard drive

256mb is fine for what he/she is doing

Get a 17 inch I like viewsonic (but have a sony)

The gf2mx is fine, What about the Nforce 420?
That has a gf2mx built in, with LAN, and Onboard sound
More money though

The 1 ghz duron is good too.


Apr 18, 2001
I would also have to recommend the nforce 420, the extra cost is cheaper then getting a mobo+video card+lan card+sound card. It is also a lot less complicated when dealing with drivers if your friend has every driver on one motherboard cd.