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Need resevoir that fits in a couple 51/4 bays

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Mar 4, 2001
Can't leave well enough alone. Tried a new inline pump and it ran too hot (the pump) so back to the smaller submersible and a res. but I really want to get the res. off the floor of the case, for estetics (lit, etched window) and because it blocks the flow through my scsi cage.

just need some hints, 4" X whatever?? electical cab boxes are just a little big. Both the short square one and the taller skinny one on it's side. I'll go look at Walmart today but anybody ever see anythin' at Home Depot that would be suitable. Waterproof control panel, Spinkler solinoid valve junction etc. Or at REI, Penguin case for dehydrated rations?
if the 4x4x4 Jboxes are too big , you might try making one out of 3 or 4" pcv ,, it would even match a bong :)
Thanks guys, Had a nice hardware run this morning and just couldn't seem to find what I needed. I guess I had a 4X4X2, whatever it was it was the smallest that would work with my pump. Anyways working with a 1 1/4" electrical pull "L" now. These are the things that are the last piece of conduit before your power punches into your house. By running the pump wire thru the side the pump just fits and allows the outlet to run thru one of the holes in the box. The other end has a cap, tapped to accept a 3/8" barb for return from wateblock. Now I think I'm going to put it out the back of the case. Just like it would be mounted on a house if it would be leading to a basement (inverted). There is a nice spot vertically beside the pci slots that just needs a 1 1/2" hole so the pull "L" can sit flush. I owe the guy who made my etchings some pics but wanted to clean up the original resevoir first. So In a couple days I'll be able to post pics of this install.