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need soft

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Nov 14, 2001
Portland OR.
I'm looking for some ease to use soft, so I can host pics from my comp at home for ppl to see and stuff, like photo album. I'm not webmaster or anything, so please be easy on me. Something simple and easy to use, with good tools.
Thanks all.

RED Hot Machine

Inactive Moderator
Aug 5, 2001
Here is a very simple HTTP server, which will do what you want.

The program is very easy to use, just point it towards the directory where your HTML files and pics are kept. You can use MS Word or any freely available HTML editor to create a simple HTML page with your images displayed.

A couple things to keep in mind with hosting from home.

Some isp's do not like you running any type of server on your home connection. Check you agreement with your isp. Some ISP's can get shirty and disconnect you.

If you have a router/Firewall (This includes the one in Windows XP) you will need to open port 80, or what ever port you decide to use for you http server.

I used the above software for a good 3 months, before I switched over to IIS. Only reason I switched is because I needed to be able to host more than one site.

Any problems ask them here and you will get good answers :)