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Need some advice

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Aug 27, 2002
Puget Sound, WA, USA
I am Going to be getting an In-Win S-500 case, and need some
advice on the cooling. I have four main questions:

1) What size fans should I use?

2) What types of fans are best? (i.e. panaflo, delta)

3) Where should I place the side blowhole (top, bottom, etc.)

4) How should I pull air in the front? The venting seems a little scimpy in the front, so I was toying with the idea of adding more holes to the front, what do you think? Is it necesary?

Here are some pics of what im thinking:


The case before anything.


What I am goin for afterwards, minus the window of course.


Thanks for your time, it helps me alot!:D

Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
It all depends on how cold do you want it?

Really cold = higher RPM and Noise delta's

Cool = lower RPM and Noise Panaflo, Papst and Stealth Fans

80mm are the standerd for cases and your case will have lots of 80mm holes and brackets.

You want to pull Cold air from the bottom of your case and Blow the Hotter air out the top of the case. Also a side fan right in front of you CPU will do wonders, And if you want then put one on the side of your Video card and that will also do the same. I have a 92mm that I mod in the side of my case so it blows on the video card, Ram, and Processor. Add a Blow Hole on the top of the case is a good idea because all the Hottest air is traped up there.



Aug 16, 2002
St Louis, MO
yeah, a side 120mm either over the proc or video card (or both if theyre in the same vicinity) is a good call, supplimented by a top blowhole if you want one. For case fans itll be fine to go with lower output quiet fans.