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Need some cable management advice

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Aug 26, 2010
Hey guys so I've got a pretty awesome 4 monitor setup but I've got a mess of cables running up my wall now and was wondering what you would use to clean up the cables I've included a couple of pictures so you know what I'm working with but I'd love some advice on what products to use. I was thinking of a combination of zip ties and cable braid sleeving? I'm not too sure and I'm sure some of you have some experience with this. Thanks! 20170402_175559.jpg 20170402_175958.jpg


Jun 5, 2009
Sydney, Australia
A bunch of cable ties (I use velcro re-usable ones. I find they work well). Finding an anchorpoint helps as well. Your pics are sideways... But uh. Yeah.

Just try to make everything come from a central or central points. Even if you have a lot of wires, as long as they're coming from the same spot and neatly tied together, despite the bulk, it'll look much neater.


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
I use twist ties to group "common" cables coming out of the PC. Then I use the Velcro tie wraps every 12 inches to keep it neat.