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Need some help on IE problem..

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Nov 16, 2002
Ok here is the situation. Ill try to explain it into much detail as possible. Sometimes after i connect i open IE and get the blank white screen and at the bottom is says "Find:(what ever site).." This sometimes goes on for minutes. Also i use Bellsouth DSL. It almost seems like there is no connection but when it finally "finds" it. It says Opening:(what ever page). Then it loads like the speeds it is supposed too. I have called thier tech line about 6 times and even once spoke with a senior tech. They couldnt fix it unfortuneatly. Well i tested to see if it was a connection problem and this is my finding. I opened by Infantry a online game launchpad it has to connect to the sony server to open it. So i log into the game (You have to have a active connection or it will close out). So i minimize it and try to go to a web-page that i dont go incase it pulls it out of Cache. IT does the same thing. So i close the game just incase its eating up all my resources and try the webpage test again. SAME THING. This happens not every time but sometimes. Even when it says "Opening:Webpage..." it doesnt load all the way. IT will act like its paused. Then when it starts to work again it will load at the high speed its supposed too. It happens alot and is really working my nerve. I've got 87% of my resources free. Also i connect through my NIC. Ive tried Repairing my browser. Re-installing the launchpad i use to connect. Ask any questions or advice suggestions pretaining to this problem. Thanks in advance
have you tried using another browser? if so and it is still messed up i would say it is your dsl and is it only when you connect for the first time? it could just be taking a minute to detect proxy setting
I think you have the network properties of IE out of whack. Open IE (hit Stop, this will stop if from taking forever to load the page) then go to Tools, then go to Internet Options. Then go to Connection, then go to LAN settings. Make sure the Autodetect one is unchecked and make sure the proxy one is unchecked if you don't use a proxy. Which you probably don't.
In all likelihood your primary DNS server is not reachable. So
the primary DNS server must time out before the secondary finally
resolves the site you want to display. This will cause the exact
details you discribed: Slow finding the site and fast downloads
Tecumseh, How would i go about fixing this? Yes i tryed netscape. It did the same thing but not noticeable much. Maybe i just had luck. and netscape 7.0 is a little too detailed for my rig. IE has a simplier design
Your DNS server is most likely assigned dynamically by your ISP.

If you are running W2K or XP do a ipconfig/all in a command
window. At the bottom of the output there will be listed your
DNS servers. Ping them. If either is not reachable, call your ISP.
I looked at my connection stats and it shows my DNS primary and DNS secondary. I pinged both and both are reachable. And i run Win ME
Does WinME have tracert? If so, trace your DNS servers and see
if anything is funny there.

ELSE I'm not sure what is going on. :(
I dont know what to look for to be considered "wierd (funny)". I know what tracert is or well i think. Go to dos prompt and tracert the dns address? The primary one did 4 hops at a max of 14 ms and the secondary did 8 hops at a max of 28 ms. Dont know if this helps. Hopefully it does
These numbers are just fine. Better than most people get, infact.

I don't know why IE is messing up? Sorry.
Yes sorry i thought i responded something must have happened. Both are unchecked. Hopefully i wont have to live with this for too much longer. =(