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Need Some Help / Recomendations Please ?

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Aug 31, 2003
Now then, Straight to the point :D

I am looking to buy a new cpu !

I currently have a XP1700 Palamino :eek: Yes they do still exist :)

I have that running on a NF7S V2.0 ;)
But it's a little old now (Crap so to speak) Anyway i figured id overclock it a little until
i got the money to treat myself to a shiny new barton or a tbred ..

But i dunno which one to get, I will be overclocking it when i get it
But it seems more than likely i'll be getting a multiplier locked cpu which doesn't really bother me too much it just makes the deciding that little bit harder ..

What do you guys think ?!?
And if you have any recent cpu reviews handy in your fav's then it would
be much appreciated if you would share them with me ..

Thanks in advance .. :cool:


Apr 25, 2003
I would recommend the locked barton 2600+ over the locked barton 2500+, the .5x more in the multi should help if you don't have really top of the line ram. Plus it reduces the chance you'll run into a RAM problem.


Aug 31, 2003
Thank you bulk88 Glad to be here !!

I have posted another thread about my memory as im looking to
upgrade that too, But im a little confused as to which brand to get !

EDIT: Almost forgot the memory thread is here http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=258134

I am considering buying 2x512 PC3200 sticks of crucial ram
as it is pretty decent memory.
But im not sure weather or not to go for something that will slightly
overclock if and when i ever need it to !

What do you think ?!?