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Need some help with choosing a monitor.....

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Feb 12, 2013
Suffield, CT
So I've got my rig dialed in and somewhat future-proofed, which includes the 1070. However, I have 2 very outdated monitors.

The 1070 can support DP and I'm looking for a monitor that can handle the horsepower. I've looked at the ASUS ROGs, AOCs, BenQs, Samsungs and some Dells. This is an upgrade and I already have a 23" monitor, so I know I'm looking to get at least a 27" with a 144Mhz refresh rate and a 2560x1440 res.

With with size, resolution and refresh out of the way, I'm now scratching my head over G-Sync.

The general consensus is that if you have a monitor that supports 144Mhz and it doesn't have the G-Sync feature, run-of-the-mill Vsync will still produce tearing and stutter. So my questions are:

1. If that's true - how noticeable will it actually be?
2. As the price jumps exponentially when you combine the other 3 specs and G-Sync - is paying $600 (or more) actually worth it?

Appreciate any insight/expertise you might have. TIA.
Depends on the game if you will have tearing and stutter. All my games I can set Vsync in game and they run perfect.
In game Vsync will limit the FPS to the monitor refresh rate. However Nvidia has fast sync now and the FPS in the game engine will go faster than the monitor refresh rate then only the frames that the monitor can take is still synced to the monitor.