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Need some help

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Jan 27, 2002
ok here it is, i thinkin about gettin the sattlite connection thing, is it worth it. i know about the 400 connection fee but my parents said they would pay for that, and i thought that i have to get a new phone line thats 35 and the internet a month is 30 and after i install the sattlite coonection its only 70 a month and it wont tie up the phone line so im thinkin abouy going with it any suggjestions?
I have the one way stelite, that uses a phone line also. And I see your talking about the Starband or DirecWay two way satelite.

Satelite systems are great if you don't game online. I don't, so I love it. The download speeds are terrific (up to 350kbps) considering the option of just using the phone line (at 2.5kbps). Sometimes snow will mess up the signal, and very heavy rains can too (I mean very heavy, like when everone's making friends with the nut building a huge boat in his yard;) ), but gaming doesn't do well. The ping time on mine is often 500ms~650ms which would leave you dead quickly in a round of Q3 Arena.

If you get the system, mount it where you can reach it from the ground...you'd hate climbing on the roof after a good snowfall.

Have fun.
I'd look into Cable or xDSL options first before going that way, personally. Especially if you live in an area w/ lots of tall buildings or trees all around you.
ive tryed to get cable or dsl but i had to be with in 3 air miles of a server and im not im thoinkin about the satilite