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need some help

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Roof Jumper

Apr 5, 2002
In a spider hole
I have been trying to figure what type of stuff I want for a new computer next year and I am stumped on a few things:

Case: ?????????
Motherboard: ?????????
CPU: Pentium IV 3.0 NW(when they are out)
Graphics: GeForce4 ti4600 or Geforce 5:D
sound: SB Live
memory: 1.5 GB RAMBUS or DDR
HD: Maxtor 60 GB
LAN card: any
Monitor: use current one

There, that leaves me stumped on PS,CASE,and MOTHERBOARD. which one should I get. I want the most powerful PS(one that is good for OC'ing:D )

I was thinking a aluminum case, but which one. I want aluminum cause it will be a far cry from my current "old" beige box.

thanks in advance

Roof Jumper


Jan 23, 2002
Orlando, FL
get the Lian-Li PC60 aluminum case definately, unless Lian-Li comes out with a newer, better model...in fact I would just get the case now...

As far as the mobo, youll have to wait on that if you're not going to be putting something together yet...if youre going to be waiting a few months, then wait until SerialATA is closer to be coming a standard..as well as AGP 8X and all that other stuff...

and as far as PSU goes...anything Enermax that is 350W+

it's too hard to predict the computer market..the only 'safe' thing you could buy now w/o fearing it'll be outdated in the next couple of months is the case itself...



definatly go with a full tower cause the aluminum cases are nice because they provide excellent cooling, i would recommend an asus mobo allthough i cant give you a model because i dont know which ones support a 3GHz chip, your going to want a quailty psu check out enermax psus' they are pretty good, check out dangerden.com for a watercooling setup there not expensive and provide good performance. Good luck with your system