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Need some info

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Feb 2, 2017
Hey guys.. Since I'm finishing my current build I would like to start preparing for my next one and my first ever case mod! So the case will be a Coolermaster N200 which I'm gonna be transforming totally but I want some help with the following. I've done some searching over the net and I can find some 10mm plexi sheets cheap enough BUT I can't find someone laser-cut them for me. I went ahead to PerformancePCs and asked them if they can do it for me and how much it would cost but they don't work with 10mm thick sheets. So, is there anyone around that knows if I can have my sheets laser cut? If not, would a Dremel Moto saw MS20 work? I don't see why wouldnt it with Fine wood saw on it. Last but not least, any idea where I can find mounting corners for in order to attach them together?


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
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Try contacting MNPCTECH. They sometimes will do one offs like this.

Yes, you can cut plexiglass with a Dremel but the results will not be as nice as laser cut.


Nov 25, 2016
How intricate are the cuts you need. If you have a lot of little small cuts a laser job would be best. But if slot of them are simple the Dremel would be a fine tool. I might recommend a coping saw for the cuts with some needle files for a flush sanding and then polishing up the cuts with a buffer on your Dremel.