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Need some overclocking advice on geforce 2 MX DH Pro

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Apr 21, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
I currently own a Leadtek winfast geforce 256 card, overclocked a bit at 134mhz /154 (from 120/140) memory with stock hsf, latest drivers from Nvidia, and no mods (except an exhaust fan in the rear of the case). I just mailed ordered for a new Leadtek Geforce 2 MX DH Pro with the 5 ns SDRAM. This should overclock well, but before I start venturing too high or far with the card, I have several questions.

1 -- How much performance should i expect to gain as a result of overclocking? I read 7-13% on tweak3d.net, heard higher from other sites (guess the final results are dependent on the actual chip and memory).

2 -- What are some results you have seen with overclocking this particular card?

3 -- Any tips, tricks, or suggestions?

thanks -- my configuration:

750 mhz PIII (not overclocked, slot 1)
256 generic ram (at 100 mhz fsb)
2 harddrives (20 GB maxtor 5400 rpm, 30 GB Western digital 5400 rpm)
windows 98/2000 dual boot
Soundblaster Live retail gamer w/ updated drivers
Intel ethernet (for cablemodem)
Creative 12X DVDROM
TDK 32x10x12x CDRW
forgot to mention I 'm using an Abit VA6 mobo with latest VIA chipset drivers and bios update from abit's site (flashing your bios rulz).