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Need some really nice headphones, recommendations, anyone?

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Jun 24, 2001
in the garage
Does anyone know of a really nice pair of headphones (that fit over your ears)? So far I've come up with the Grado SR125, Koss PortaPro, and Sony MDR-F1, although I think the site I got em from is a little outdated, although I'm not sure. atm I'm going for the Sonys, I just need some good gaming headphones as to not bother my future roommate...
I bought a pair of Jensen JF20 at Best Buy last week for 19.99

Very comfortable, great bass and all around performance. I would recommend them to anyone, and they seem to be built to last.
sony mdr-7506

They're light, durable, and they sound excellent (they're pretty much the studio engineer's standard). They're a little old, though, so you might have to search around for them. They'll set you back about $90.

Hey this sounds kind of lame but the RadioShack headphones are made by Koss. They have some great headphones for the money. Go check out the pro 40s unless you have about 100 bucks to blow then I would check out the PRO-155 they are a bit cleaner in the uper range and extend lower than the 40s
I'd get a pair of Sony's. I have the MDR-V600's and they are ridiculous. You will not be disappointed.
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proze (Jul 01, 2001 02:44 a.m.):
sennheiser, sennheiser, sennheiser!!

check out their headphones here... i love sennheisers!

Good choice

But If your willing to spend ~$95 buy some Beyerdynamic headphones, Check them out here, I got the DT220 and they sound real good. (bought them when I was a DJ).
BTW: Beyerdynamic makes Professional High-End High Quality studio equipment.
Damn those are some nice names in the headphone industry. If ya want something more affordable, look to buy a set of Plantronics HS1 hedphones. There are not a full wraparound, but I have found I like that better because after wearing headphones for a long time, my ears are not "sweaty" while using them and are very light. Plus they have a built-in "boom" microphone for my voice prog. About 27 dollars is how much I paid for them.
I have a pair grod grado sr-60s (Dont get the 125 if you also want to use them in a portable cd player). the sr-60 sound better than any other headphones I have heard. The sounds so precise that I constantly hear things in games/songs that I dont normally hear with my 100dollar sony headphones and they are very comfotable.around $60
I believe Panasonic just released a pair of headphones with a rumble pack that sits at the base of your neck. It's supposeed to allow you to really feel the bass hit. Might be real kool for gaming. Essentially like force feedback. They run about $40.