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Need some specs

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Mar 25, 2001
Just wanted to know if anyone out there can tell me how big of a hole i need to cut for 120mm case fans. None of the stores in my town have any or any accesories for them either. This is what i need to know:
Hole size to be cut (for fan blades), Distance screw holes are apart, thickness of the average fan. The thickness i think i can get from a couple websites. The 120mm means the length and width of the entire assy. I want to know how big the hole has to be. I am guessing its a little smaller.
actually it is 120mm, you are best going off a 120mm fan grill, this will have the positions for the screws as well, go round the outside circle of the fan grill as these are slightly smaller than 120mm and you should be fine
that's the problem. None of the stores here in town have one or stock 120mm fans and acces. do you have one by you that you can measure for me.
From screwhole to screwhole they are 6"...4.5" just for the grill. I'd recommend you get some to measure with though.
well this doesn't include screwholes, but i remember reading somewhere that a CD is the perfect size for a fan of that size's hole. Don't take my word for it though.
Yes you are right, A cd is about the perfect size, thats what I used to mount the 120 mm exhaust fan in the top of my case