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Need some upgrading suggestions....

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Aug 12, 2002
Gettysburg, PA
Well sometime after Xmas I am upgrading and I want to make my machine over twice as good as what it is now. (through 3dmark, I want about almost 3 times)

So here is what I plan on getting...

Gigabyte GA-7VAXP-----------------------------------------$113
Lite On 48x24x48 CDRW-----------------------------------$57
CORSAIR MEMORY XMS 512MB PC-3200 Cas 2.5------$199
Gigabyte GV-R9700PRO RADEON 9700 PRO------------$350

And also a 333FSB Athlon 2400+ (they are going to make those right, if not I guess 2700+)

So what do you think. All thist stuff stat wise is going to stay the same, the brands may change depending on what you suggest but I dont relaly want and/or need any more features. So this is pretty much what it will be except the prices will change by then.

Things want comments the most on are the RAM (I want PC-3200 and I want something good but is there anything cheaper and just as good).

Any help is appreciated, BTW the system I will be going up from is in the sig, and everything else is staying the same. Acctually the burner I will probalby get ASAP because I need my old burner for a new machine I am building sometime in the next 2 weeks.
Well, I think it's kind of early for you to be making this list, only because so many new things are supposedly coming out between now and after Christmas. The board might be good now, but if you want the memory bandwidth, you might as well use a nForce 2 board (due to Dual Channel DDR, but then you'd need 2 sticks of ram), or maybe even a KT400A board if they are out by then. Also, you should spend the extra $10 for CAS2 XMS 3200, it's worth it. Another thing is that the Geforce5 and Radeon 9700 (that uses DDR-II) are supposed to be out after Christmas too. So, making the decision now for something you're gonna buy after Christmas is a little hard.
Yea I know that, but the reason I am picking these now is because by then all stuff on this list will be cheaper and the stuff on your list will take the price of what is on my list, hopefully.

Being a soon to be 16 year old who works 3-4 months out of the year at a ski resort for minimum wage and free skiing and good deals on equipment, I dont make that much money. And I probably won't be getting anything from my parents because I got new skis this year.

Well we'll see, I will definately go for the better ram, and possibly the better raedon (not going with Nvidia, becuase I have never had an ATI before and I want to try one). The N-Force thing I saw the new Asus Nforce 2's on newegg today but they were 200 bucks and included a bunch of BS I didn't need like sound and onboard video. But if they drop to 170, I will probably go with that because it has all the new goodies.
Well, I know what your saying, and I doubt the best things will get cheaper :( Still, the Asus nForce 2 at newegg is way overpriced IMO. Pricewatch has the board listed as $130, hopefully by the time you want the board, it'll be around $100 :)
You won't find a 2400 with a 333fsb. I would suggest the 2600 with the 333fsb (a better choice than the 2700). Be careful in that there are 2600s with 266fsb. With that slight variation you should have a system that'll do a 200fsb or so.

If you do go with the nForce2 board which is an excellent change, get 2 sticks of 256 instead of 1 stick of 512 (as Tipycol suggests). :cool:
Should I get 2 sticks of the same kind? Yea I am pretty much set on that board.

And also, I guess I will get the 2600+ 333FSB instead.
BTW, as in same kind, I mean, still getting the Corsair XMS ones? Or do you recommend a different brand?

Anyway I will probably get this board and proc at the same time then keep my PC-2100 Ram until I get my video card, then I will get the Ram with that. Unless RAM prices start to go up of course.

If you mean the nForce2 mobo, yes get 2 sticks of identical memory. It is the slowest stick that will limit your performance and 2 "identical" sticks limit that problem.

If you are not getting an nForce2 then get one stick that meets your needs.

I've used nothing but Cosair since I've been OCing and am very happy with it. It deliverys what it says it will. I'm willing to pay to eliminate any guessing about what my memory will or will not do. It is your money and you get to make that decision yourself. Nothing wrong with waiting to buy till your ready, really is a wise approach, IMO. :cool:
Thanks for the help. Well anyway I ordered my case yesterday (I dont know if I mentioned in this theard but I am getting a new case) it is like 27" tall and I am gonna paint it a chameleon color that is the two colors in my avatar. So I have some money from my b-day left over and I am gonna get a game (probably mechassault or SOCOM, becuase there isnt much on the PC I want right now that I dont already have) then the rest will go towards my case mod stuff. Probably a rheo from xoxide.com, and if I have any left, I will start buying some fans.