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need something that can...

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May 8, 2002
Toronto, Canada
im curently sharing a computer with my sister and dad, my dad uses the computer fine but my sister keeps on downloading stuff off kazaa and keeps on getting virus's. is there a way to block that program from the computer or at least stop all downloads on it or sumthing, currently we are using windows 98, i uninstall it but she keeps on bringing it back

get an antivirus that runs in windows background, so everything that's gonna run will be examined, note though, this will slow down your overall computer speed.

another way: explain to your dad that viruses which your sister downloading will someday destroy his valuable data, then ask him to advise your sis :D
If you are running a software firewall, I think you may be able to stop certain programs like kazaa from connecting to the internet with it. I'm not really sure about it, because I use a hardware firewall that's in my router.
the_poche said:
yeah , just install ZoneAlarm and deny internet access to kazza or any other application.

Yup, under programs just "X" Kazaa and ZoneAlarm won't allow it to connect. You can grant, and reject access to anything running in your computer that connects to the internet using this free program http://download.com.com/3000-2092-10153456.html?tag=lst-0-1

Also, you do have some sort of an anti virus program running in your 'puter right? If not I'd invest in Norton Antivirus 2002. It's a very good antivirus program with easy updates using its own updater program.