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need special heatsink

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Nov 20, 2001
I while back, i ripped off my heatsick a little too carelessly, and one of the plastic studs on the side broke. Right now, I have wire wrapped around the clip and the other two little studs (as i call them). It took over and hour of frustration to put on, and I don't want to do it again.

Does anyone recall seeing a heatsink on a website that had a clip that latched on to all 6 studs????

If so, please tell me where you saw it. Thanks big time in advanced.

The Thermalright Ax-7 uses all 6 lugs and the Alpha Pal 8045 uses the 4 holes in the motherboard. Also The Swiftech mcx462 mounts the 4 holes on the board and the mcxc370 uses the 6 lugs. The Globalwin sak38 also uses the 6 lugs. My preference is the Ax-7, The Swiftechs or the Alphas though they are a little more pricey.

The cooling sites on overclockers are a good place to get them. I usually buy from Heatsinkfactory .
I have both the 370 and the 462. I think the mcxc 370 has the best mounting system if you remove your heatsink often. it's so simple all you do is put heatsink on and losen screws. it is spring loaded I think me heatsinks should copy this.