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Need ST6 Beep Codes.

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
Can some one please post the ST6 beep codes, I cannot find them anywhere. Thanks
I tried to get them a few weeks ago. Couldn't find anything. I e-mailed Abit. No response. I was getting an alternating high/low beeping which continued until I shut the thing off. You know what this code means? It means "pack me up and RMA me". That's what I did, and the second board works fine.

Abit has not put out a quality product since their 440BX boards. I've had increasing numbers of problems starting with the KT7 AMD board. I have a brand new BD7-RAID sitting here and the only reason it's not in a case is because the Epox currently installed is running just beautifully. Sorry, end of rant.
I had that same beep. I changed some BIOS settings, upped the v core and it seems fine. I think that code maybe too little v-core, I know it sounds dumb but that was all I cahnged and it worked.
I didn't think to change any BIOS settings because this was a brand new board right out of the box. I was trying to run the CPU at nominal settings, in fact, I tried three different CPU's, two coppermines and a tualeron, and nothing would POST. When I got the second board, absolutely no problems the first time. Man, I really like the features that Abit puts into their boards, but their QC has taken a dive. I'm waiting for the new DFI boards. A lot of Abit people have jumped ship to DFI and they are supposed to be designing new boards for the enthusiast.
I had the same problem with the high/low beep. Tried to RMA it but they said it worked fine. Eventually, it did work fine, after I changed my power bar. Strange things happen :beer: