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Need suggestions for a case!!

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Feb 3, 2002
Lexington, Virginia
Hey y'all...i've been lurking the forums for a while now, reading tips on watercooling, modding, case cooling, and painting...

I was pretty sure (until now) that I was gonna get an Addtronics 7896a for a case until I really thought about it.

I was gonna go overboard, putting in 6 fans w/ a total of something like 760-800 CFM, but then I thought that was just stupid. I want to keep two fans, both Rotron Majors, so I will still have a decent (!) amount of CFM (something like 570). The reason I want the Rotrons and not 2 YS Tech 120CFM 120mm's is that the Rotrons will actually be quieter, while pushing more air into the case. If I didn't care about that, I would stick with the Addtronics case and buy 4 YS Tech's, but I want the case to be relatively quiet...

The problem is that I want the case to look professional, not a pieced-together trash heap. The problem w/ the Addtronics case is that they have that long filter in the front, taking up almost all of the space between the 5.25"s and the bottom, which would make it look quite stupid with a Rotron in the front.

Alas, I am searching for a large, preferably a server tower, case. I really dont care if it's a cheapie, just as long as the front face is relatively straight (I would get the Antec, but the ribbed front would also look weird w/ the Rotrons) and I have room to put my D-Tek Customs radiator above the PS, or anywhere for that matter!

So, if any of y'all have suggestions as to which case I should buy, please let me know. I'm probably gonna paint it a cool blue with that vinyl spraypaint with silver buttons, etc...
i think im gonna get the InWin IW-Q600 ($65)...has enough bay drives and is pretty straight from the led's below the 5.25"s to the bottom...now i just need to know if its ok to paint a metal case w/ that vinyl dye spraypaint (Plasti-Kote Ultra Vinyl something something something...)

You might also want to check out neweggs Evercase here It's a 10 bay, screwless midtower (no psu) for $22 + s&h, (about $18) Looks like a good case to mod, even if it is only a midtower. :D
Just a question...but would you please let me know how you are going to push nearly 600CFM with two fans? Tell me your secret cause I want to use it too. :)
actually its more like 470, but still a pretty CFM...

take a look at comair rotron fans...( www.comairrotron.com )

i found some 6.75" Major's (235CFM each) at one site for ~$12, so i figure that they're the best buy, considering panaflo's go for that, if not more

they're also relatively quiet, considering the CFM they push...in comparison, the YS Tech 120mm fan that pushes 125CFM is 53db, while the Major is only 49db...its still loud, but for what it does, it's pretty dern good

i probably wont hook them up to the psu (experts: can i w/ a 430W enermax?), but comair makes regular plugs you can attach to the wires...i'll just have to fenagle with it to see what works best..

will put one in the front bottom (under the led lights...with an air filter) for intake and one on the top for exhaust...of course, the real challenge is finding grilles for these fans, lest you want a $2200 cuisinart with an lcd monitor...