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Need suggestions for a good hosting company

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Oct 23, 2002
Muscle Shoals, AL
I went back and forth as to whether this should be in the Networking sub-forum or here, but I figure people browsing here would have a better chance of knowing what I need.

General cliff notes. I've been working on a ground up site as a freebie for a friend. Basically implementing and testing on my home server and when I get it all ready, I'll find him a host and go live with it. No issues there really.

Now here comes the added complexity. Another friend has asked me to do some updating for his company's website. This site is already up and running and was set up by a local development company. There's two problems with it. First it was setup using an older Mambo distribution. So the HTML is dated, the CSS is virtually non-existent, and there's a lot of in-line formatting that should be in the CSS. To top it off, they (people at my friends company) don't really understand Mambo enough to do updates themselves. It's a non-profit organization, so I can understand the company that did the setup/hosting not putting them as priority one, but simple things like trying to get the site FTP login info seems to take forever. I'm thinking of just doing a ground up rewrite of the site since there's a lot they want to add and a lot of it can't be done gracefully in Mambo.

So I've decided to purchase my own hosting plan that will hopefully be able to take care of both accounts. What I need is suggestions as to which hosting company would be the most reliable/affordable and what package I should be looking at (developer or reseller). Neither site would be considered a high traffic one. Also it will be mostly PICS and maybe a few videos on the non-profit.

Also how would the domain transfer process work? Does the hosting company take care of that?


Sep 25, 2003
Mesa, AZ
I've always done well with GoDaddy or Host Gator. I recommend Host Gator for Linux hosting for the anti-GoDaddy folks, since they're not as cheap.

The domain transfer is pretty easy. You just set up your new hosting acct. Once that's set up, the new hosting company can give you the name servers to point the domain to. Once you've got those name servers, you just log into your account with your domain registrar and paste the name server information into the corresponding fields. It can take a bit for the name servers to resolve, but usually it's not more than a few hours.